Friday, August 11, 2006

The thing about myspace...

Now what's the deal with myspace!? If it were really mine, I'd make it work more than 2% of the time. I heard it was the most visited website on the internet. Then make it not suck! Cause most people on the internet are noticing it's sucking!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Mountain biking, camping, elk, and spiders

Spent this weekend up in Winter Park camping with Jessica and some friends. In the summer, the ski lifts take people and bikes to the top of the mountain so you can bike down. Jessica's brother and a friend rented downhill bikes (full suspension) while I brought my hardtail mountain bike. They could go a lot faster than me, but I kept up as best as I could! My arms and legs are SORE! Camped 2 nights and had a good time.

We had breakfast at sharky's grill this morning. It was seriously the worst service ever. And I know, Jess and I ALWAYS get horrible service. First, they had the please wait to be seated sign up. So we waited. And waited. Nobody even acknowledged our presence. Finally they seated us where they made us wait for several minutes before getting water and menus (1 short on the menus). 2 people asked for coffee. They brough coffee for everyone. Finally they came and took our orders. The food was great! Real poached eggs! Like in water poached! They NEVER asked us how the food was. Our empty plates sat and sat and sat while we waited almost 20 minutes for the bill. She did say she gave us a discount. I still tipped poorly.

We decided to take the long way home through rocky mountain national park. After paying 20 bucks to get in (a season pass is 35!) we were cruising along when all of a sudden a HUGE elk walks slowly into the road RIGHT in front of me! I slam on the brakes and the noise from the anti-lock brakes scares the damn thing so it stops! I missed it by FEET before it walked off into the woods. It was close. We headed up over the pass on trail ridge road (8 miles of the road are above 11k feet!) in the parade of tourists and motorhomes. It's slow going. Finally got down to Estes Park and navigated the tourists and made it home.

Sitting here watching tv I decided to play my practice chanter (like a recorder kinda thing used to practice bagpipe tunes) during the commercials. I blow it and next thing I knew a BIG white bodied spider (I hate spiders) starts crawling down my leg (better than up I guess). I freak out. Start screaming like a girl. Jessica grabs a kleened (she's the spider killer) and tries to get it. It gets away into the couch. We look for 15 minutes and can't find the damn thing. I look into my chanter (that I had just had my mouth on) and there's a big ugly spider web INSIDE! Now there's a big fat ugly spider somewhere near me. My skin is all itchy!

If anyone still reads this, how was your weekend and will you come find and kill this spider?!?!?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

2 fires!

2 fires this afternoon. A good storm moved through and had a BUNCH of lightning. Both fires were single trees that had been struck. We thought we had a third but after MUCH hiking around in the middle of nowhere, all we found was fog. I am tired. Just FINALLY got dinner.

Earlier in the day I drove 100 miles to get smoke bombs for a training we were supposed to have. Guess that was for nothing. Oh well.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

3 days... not bad for a carnival fish

Perhaps even a new record?

Jessica woke me up this morning to tell me about the untimely death (is there ever a timely death) of Carney.

I told her she probably overfed it.

she got mad.

she says when she tells me a pet of hers has died I should consol her, not blame her for it's demise.

maybe she has a point.

I still think she overfed it.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

demolition and goldfish

Just got back from the county fair. Saw a good old fashioned demolition derby. Good times but nobody died and there was only 1 fire. :(

Afterwards hit up the carnival and won a goldfish in a little plastic tank thingy. Jessica named it carney. Then I risked life and limb and rode some trailor mounted rides. I didn't die. I was shocked!

Now midnight the cat is trying her best to get at the fish. Maybe it's cause I fed it catfood?

Friday, July 28, 2006

This space is myspace

Myspace servers suck.
I just tried to log for my daily dose of hot robot chicks and local rock bands begging to befriend me, only to get a message telling me my account has been deleted.

I know this to not be true. It worked only yesterday. I didn't delete it.

Myspace and blogger must use the same servers. They both seem to be down more than they're up.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Exclusive SPAM consumer

Starting right now, I vow that I will only purchase products (or services) who advertise direct to the consumer via unsolicited emails. Here is a select example of my new lifestyle:
Phytoplankton (can you say smoothie?)
Fake rolexes
Hip hop music
ch%$%$p mortgage
architecture watermelon

I think between the phytoplankton and architecture watermelon (I can only assume it's watermelon in the shapes of famous buildings), I can be the healthiest individual I know. And if I get sick or feel down, I'm sure it's just a matter of time before I get a SPAM message for some uppers (not the viagra).

As for the ladies, between a constant hard-on and my "rolex" I'll be beating them off with a stick! Plus I think chicks get moist when they hear hip-hop... at least that's what MTV portrays.